PT. Green Gold Arthabuana

Make a Nusaku Cryptocurrency with KOPRABUH. With Oxygenerator, we make world green.


About Our Company

The proliferation of digital assets, generating capital gains of thousands of percent in recent years is the reason why cryptocurency are the main choice of investors, and NUSAKU is the point where environmental and tecnologies issues meet.

To make this happen, NUSAKU colaborate with KOPRABUH as an old player in the environmental world who has placed his name on the Guinness World Record for trees cultivation in 2016.

Supported by KOPRABUH, NUSAKU under PT. Green Gold Arthabuana is ready to green the world.




Forestry and Environmental Economist Expert

The NUSAKU crypto currency provides hope for the realization of the sustainability of Forest Resources and the environment, as well as the welfare of forest farmers and the wider community as well as sustainable national development.
Loving the environment starts with planting a tree, preserving it is noble.

Dr. Ir. Transtoto Handadhari, M.Sc

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